Data Investigator and Analyzer

We understand the challenges organisations face in analyzing huge chunks of data for meaningful purposes. Our tool - Data Analyzer, is exclusively developed to provide insights into the heaps of structured and unstructured data provided to us by our clients.. Through an automated analysis of the data, the tool enables you to generate relevant business information which would have remained undeciphered. Its in-built features of being able to derive results only from the most useful data make data analyzer a preferable analytical tool.

    Instant Visualization Analysis

Our innovative analytical tool - Instant Visual Analysis (IVA) helps in displaying the data our clients entrust us with, graphically in the form of pie charts, info-graphics, tabular representation, etc. By presenting complex data in a more comprehensible format, we seek to offer concise and precise solutions, and facilitate a smooth functioning of any organisational operation. With IVA in hand, there is no need for other tools for database analysis and corresponding functions.


Video Analytics

The advanced video analytics software by WGD Analytics is developed for safety and security applications across various sectors. Based on the video data provided to us, our new-age software application helps organisations to generate meaningful outcomes. It is essentially centred around recognising specific faces out of videos and matching them up with the corresponding faces available on the dataset to give the right results.


  Smart Search

Analyzing a large pool of data, especially in unstructured form, can be labour-intensive and iterative. Our smart search tool helps in facilitating quick searching of the large data set clients provide to us. This is achieved either through a tabular or card representation of data through a single-click search or by deriving relevant result from the data provided to us (which may be structured or unstructured) in structured form.